Crippled by Calculus

I know a lot of you guys have taken calculus in high school, which in turn is giving you a good advantage at Math 110, but for me, I am actually having a hard time following the professor’s lectures. I was given a deadline on three semesters to finish high school due to the fact that my high school diploma is not recognized here in Canada. That’s why I ran out of time and only finished three Math Classes.This Math 110 class is a tough, and therefore I must act in all due haste before my assignment deadline is almost up which is 9 days from now. I’m crippled by this class and I think I should call someone that I could help.


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  1. Hang in there! Something I used to find hard to do but learned was really important was always admitting when you don’t know something and ask for help when you need it. Can you talk to your prof? Are there tutoring services available? You can do it, Edgar! Good luck!

  2. Hey Edgar, sorry to hear you’re having a tough time with things. This Khan academy was some help to me over the years with everything from math to chemistry to physics. ( ) This site has awesome tutorials for anything you can imagine, hope it can help. Also here is a link for the tutor registry through the students union. There are tutors posted there as well as a place to post what kind of tutor a student is looking for. Good luck.

  3. chill LAng Mr. Allan mAg enJoy KALang Sa mga Ginagawa Mo Dapat may OAssion KA Diyan And,,PAturo KA sa MGa Friend MoNg mga MAgagling KAya Sa Prof Mo if my AVailable Time,, Oh PAg MAy tym ka sa sarili mo gamitin mo yan MAg Practices Kasi Practices MAkes Perfect hahhaha 🙂 but nobodys perfect 🙂 lol!!!!!!!!!!!

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