Learning Project Linker #1: The Multiplayer mode – Hours Spent: 4hrs

After playing Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood for four hours, this is what i have learned. I jumped on the multiplayer mode to learn about the core gameplay: Assassination contracts-meaning that you are given a person to assassinate. When you first enter multiplayer, The game automatically show this cutscene:

This video is about  an Abstergo executive debriefing its abstergo agents about the Animus, a machine that will enable them to sychronize their thoughts with an ancestor of the chosen era.  He also debrief the purpose of their facility, to train them as Templars and destroy the Assassins.

The game then takes you to an introductory session to teach you the basics of the game:

The video teaches you how to use your radar that indicates if your target is near on not. Furthermore, it allows you to test your abilities on killing. In this game, the stealthier the kill, the more points you rack up. As you play the modes, you level up with experience, me? not doing good on the level up part ’cause I suck so bad.

here is a list of bonuses you get in the game

Kill Bonuses

Note: All kill bonuses are stacked upon the standard kill of 100 points.

Bonus Reward Requirement
Discreet 50 Kill with a discreet approach, by entering high profile just before assassinating your target.
Silent 200 Kill with a silent approach, stay out of high profile while near your target.
Incognito 300 Kill your target without using high profile. Your detection meter must never decrease.
Acrobatic 100 Kill your target from an acrobatic position, such as while climbing or crouching.
Aerial Kill 100 Kill your target from a ledge. (This does not count towards variety and is classified as a regular kill)
Focus 150 Stay next to your target for at least 3 seconds with the assassinate button displayed above the target’s head before dealing the death blow.
Hidden 200 Kill your target while hidden in a group, on a bench or in a haystack.
First Blood 50 Perform the first kill of a session.
Revenge 50 Kill the Templar who killed you before anyone else.
Poacher 50 Kill your target with another pursuer less than 10m away.
Savior 50 Kill your target, who is close to killing their target (when they are less than 10m from the target).
Grounded 50 Kill your target while the target is on the ground.
Mid-Air 100 Kill your target in the air with the hidden gun.
Poison 200 Kill your target with poison.
Intercepted 50 Another Templar kills your poisoned target before the poison has its effect.
Drop Kill 150 Kill your target while hanging from a ledge.

Action Bonuses

Bonus Reward Requirement
Stun 200 Stun your pursuer with the stun button.
Escape 50 Escape one pursuer while in a chase.
Double Escape 100 Escape two pursuers while in a chase.
Triple 100 Escape three pursuers while in a chase.
Close call 50 Escape a pursuer less than 10m away.
Chain 50 Perform an escape, and a kill, one after another, in less than 10 seconds.
Lure 100 Cause your pursuer to kill a decoy or a civilian disguised as you while next to you (with a full compass).
Variety 200 Earn 5 different bonuses in one session.
Greater Variety 400 Earn 10 different bonuses in one session.
Extreme Variety 600 Earn 15 different bonuses in one session.

Team Bonuses

Bonus Reward Requirement
Co-op Kill 50 Kill a target locked on by your teammate.
Co-op Stun 50 Stun a pursuer locked on by your teammate.
Diversion 75 Kill a target who has been chased by your teammate and not by you.
Rescue 75 Stun a pursuer who is chasing your teammate.
Multi-Kill 100 Your team kills two targets in a row in less than 10 seconds.
Knock Out 100 Your team stuns two pursuers in a row in less than 10 seconds.

End Bonuses

Bonus Reward Requirement
Podium 200 Finish 3rd, 2nd or 1st in a match.
Average Kills 300 Have the best kill/death ratio in a match.
Survivor 400 Die the least in a match.
Untouchable 1000 Survive a match without being killed.
Good Start 100 Your team finishes first in the first round.
Team Win 200 Your team wins the session.

Some of the bonuses are really tricky to get and may require some help from others or not. hehehe

Moving on…>

The multiplayer menu has 6 gametypes:


Wanted involves 6-8 players. Each player has a target to pursue, and one or more pursuers chasing them.

Unlocked by default.

Advanced Wanted

Advance Wanted is extremely similar to Wanted, however you will receive less information on your target. Unlike the standard Wanted, this mode is only accessible to players above a certain level, and the compass will not indicate whether your target is above or below you.


Manhunt involves two teams, with each team composed of 3-4 players. The game is divided into two rounds, wherein, in turns, one team will be pursuing, while the other will be hiding.

Unlocked by default.


Alliance involves 6 players, with 2 players on each of the 3 teams. The game is divided into two rounds, in which each team will have one team pursuing them, and another team hiding from them.

Unlocked at Level 10.

Advanced Alliance

Advanced Alliance.png

Advaned Alliance is identical to Alliance, aside from the fact that it is not indicated if your target is above or below you.

Unlocked by downloading Animus Project Update 1.0

Chest Capture


Chest Capture, like Manhunt, involves two teams, composed of 3-4 players. Chests are deposited around the map. It is the job of one team to guard the chests, while the other team attempts to retrieve their contents. There are two rounds, with the roles swapping in the second round.

Unlocked by downloading Animus Project Update 2.0



In Escort mode, two teams of four players compete in this team-based mode where each team must protect their VIP target or assassinate the other team’s VIP.The VIP’s, being two random Personas, will travel from checkpoint to checkpoint. As the VIP clears a checkpoint, the Protectors team will gain points.

Unlocked by downloading The Da Vinci Disappearance 

I haven’t tried every mode yet due to the fact that some of them require you to purchase downloadable content.

One word, These modes will kill you! or in layman’s term: OWNED! There are a lot of professionals people online that will kill the crap out of you if you’re not careful. luckily, you get abilities that you’ll get as you level up.

I am currently level 11 and I have these abilities that proved to be very useful:

AC Brotherhood icon Disguise.png Disguise

  • Level acquired: 2
  • Duration: 12 seconds
  • Cooldown time: 60 seconds

The Disguise ability changes your appearance to one of the other character skins at random. This is useful to confuse a pursuer, who has to determine who his target is visually when he gets close enough. Defensively, this is best used while standing near one or more characters that look like you. This way it’s not obvious to the pursuer which one is you. Note that your pursuer will hear a distinctive sound when you activate your disguise, so this can be a problem against better players.

Where Disguise is much more useful is as an offensive ability. The two unlockable versions, Long Lasting Disguise and Rapid Reload Disguise, both award the Hidden bonus when you kill your target. This is an easy way to add 200 points to your kills, and Rapid Reload Disguise has a super-short cooldown. As a side benefit, if you do have pursuers while you are trying to perform a kill, it can confuse your enemies allowing you to get the assassination where otherwise it would have failed.

AC Brotherhood icon Sprint Boost.png Sprint Boost

  • Level acquired: 3
  • Duration: 5 seconds
  • Cooldown time: 60 seconds

This ability increases your speed while in high profile by 30%. Sprint Boost will give you a better chance of catching your target in chase mode or escaping your pursuer in pursuit mode.

AC Brotherhood icon Smoke Bomb.png Smoke Bomb

  • Level acquired: 8
  • Duration: 3 seconds
  • Cooldown time: 60 seconds

The Smoke Bomb creates a smoky cloud 3.2 meters in diameter with a small pause between activating the ability and its creation. This will stun other characters, allowing you to escape, stun your pursuer or kill your target. You can also use the ability in hiding. Defensively, you want to throw your Smoke Bomb a bit early to account for lag, and it is also helpful to dart toward your pursuer quickly before dropping it to make sure you catch them. Smoke Bomb can defeat Charge, but it will not defend you against aerial kills. Note that the Smoke Bomb can also be dropped from above if you happen to above your target or pursuer.

Offensively, Smoke Bomb can help you acquire a Focus, especially with Long Lasting Smoke Bomb, or a Hidden, but dropping it as you walk up to a stationary blend group where you target is hiding and blending before taking the kill. It is also helpful in landing Poison on your target. A little known use for Smoke Bomb is to ferret out your target when they’re seated with NPCs. When you smoke the bench, the player character will stand up slightly slower than NPCs. Finally, it can be used to determine who your target is in a group: drop the Smoke Bomb, which will stun the group, then use gentle push on the personas. Player characters can’t be pushed out of the way like NPCs, so if you’re quick enough you can find your target and take him out.

AC Brotherhood icon Hidden Gun.png Hidden Gun

  • Level acquired: 11
  • Aim time: 1.5 seconds
  • Cooldown time: 90 seconds

The Hidden Gun can be used on a character you’re locked on to. Hold down the ability button to focus your aim and release to fire. Getting a kill in this way isn’t worth a very high score, but if your target is far away or constantly running around, it may be easier and quicker to use it. You can get a slight score bump for waiting until your target is airborne before pulling the trigger. This is mainly a griefing tool, and shouldn’t be used if you’re trying to score well.

To get an Idea of the multiplayer gameplay here’s a video from IGN It’s title Assassin’s Creed Revelations but its the same gameplay mechanics:

as October 15, 2011 I am having a good time playing and learning the  game!





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  1. Wow, lots of detail here. I’m wondering about your personal struggles and successes. Without being a gamer, can you describe more of your thought process as you’re playing? What specific skills or tasks do you find most challenging? How do you overcome them? Is it simply practice or do you have to think and do things differently?

    You may want to consider these questions in future postings. But the detail of your experience is very good. Love the use of videos and graphs.

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