Tech Task # 9; Smartboards!

“Choose a specific outcome from the Saskatchewan Curriculum. List it it and find 2-3 Smartboard activities or plans that would meet that outcome. Post the links to your site and add any commentary about the difficulty and/or modifications you might need to make. “

I went  to search for programs and found the ones that i like and would be suitable for class.


1) Probability. I was observing my classmates and colleagues in my math classes these pass two years, and I notice that the Probability chapter is the hardest chapter in Math A30 and Math B30. It is because that probability does not provide enough structure and content for most students to understand. I chose this program because most questions found on text books that are provided by school do not have enough visual depictions. Also, by using this program it can reduce the learning curve of students who are having difficulty with the probability sections of the book.

2) Angles This actually applies for all grade levels. this program can be applied for students who are trying to learn angles for the first time, and for people who need to refresh their perspectives about angles because as we progress with mathematics, angles become more complex and used in different area such as quadrants, and dimensions.


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