A 30 minute Presentation on January 13, 2011 – “The whole thang in paper”

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Whenever I write presentations, I always never look at the clock and care, so I decided to post this because This essay gave me a strong example that prepared me for my Biology project which I produced 135 slides which was 2o minutes worth. I guess I got to cut off a lot of minutes on the next one lol!

Do you play Video games? In this world two consoles battle for gaming supremacy mainly the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. In the next few minutes I will talk about the Pros and Cons about and tell which console is the best for you.

First off is designed. Both consoles are bringing their slim and slick stream designs. The Xbox 360 is slicker, slimmer, and improved in every way over the original Xbox 360. I like the glossy piano black finish and new and edgy style but you still have that sizable Ac adaptor. While the Ps3 slim is the slicker of the two and is more travel friendly but its matte plastic   finish takes away some of the “sexy” and its resembles a  George Forman grill and it feels more generic compared to the new Xbox slim. Sometimes, makeovers can really make a difference on which console you want to buy.

Second, is all about Features. The Standard Xbox 360 Slim holds a larger 250 GB hard drive and finally brings built in Wi-fi. You will get HDMI and Wireless controls but its Proprietary hard drive makes it a head-scratcher. No the main difference of this two consoles is blu-ray. The Ps3 slim had been rated one of CNET’s blu-ray players and it’s now a real advantage. Plus you have a user-replaceable hard drive. Its 160 Gb (standard Ps3) hard drive gives you a little less storage, it has built-in Wi-fi, HDMI, and has Bluetooth capability allows you to connect many third party accessories including almost any Bluetooth headset. Plus, the system is already 3D ready for movies and games through software updates.

Third, is Online Services . Microsoft’s Xbox Live is the Gold standard of online gaming. It’s going to cost you $50 dollars per/year but, its ease of use, the size of the community, and access to integrated service like Netflix, Last Fm, Facebook, Twitter, and more makes it a total package. Sony’s Playstation Network is absolutely free and you really have to give them credit for that but its not as nearly as developed, inviting friends to game is not very elegant. Playstation Plus is just a service for additional gaming content, but it has yet to add any online features that enhance the PSN.

Fourth, is Media Playback. The Xbox 360 can play mp3, it has an extensive media support for videos and you get access to twitter, and Facebook via Xbox Live. But, you can’t surf the web because it does not have a web browser. The most annoying feature in Xbox 360’s media playback is that its only capable of processing DVD-Format Dics in regards to games and videos. While the PS3 has mp3, an extensive media support, you can record videos via playstation eye, chat up to six people simultaneously via playstation eye, access the web with its own internet browser, and  ”Illegally” download video content online. And it has Blu-ray. What’s the difference between Blu-ray and dvd, simple. Blu-ray can carry more storage than Dvd. This is really cripples the Xbox 360 because the Ps3 has established the standard of High- Definition gaming.

Fifth is Multiplatform games.

Note:  Demo game is Gta 4 for both consoles

Sixth is all about Exclusives. Both consoles are packed with franchised titles which each side wishes they could have. The Xbox 360 can brag the bloody battlefields of Gears of War, The unlimited adventure that is Fable, and the world of Halo and master chief but its lost some of its momentum. The arguably boast a stronger and a more diverse exclusive library with their modern day Indiana Jones Uncharted Series, God of war’s epic story and scale, Little big planet’s creative community, Heavy Rain’s unique control system and so many more. When it comes to Downloadable games the Xbox Live Arcade has a much deeper and diverse library games from the past and it continuously release awesome exclusives like limbo. The Playstation Network isn’t on the same level with its downloadable game library but it can still hold its own. There are standouts like Fat princess and Flower but there just aren’t enough of them. You can play most of your old Xbox titles on the Xbox slim but, the backwards compatibility of the PS3 slim is nonexistent.

Note: Halo for Xbox 360 and Heavy Rain for the Ps3

Seventh is the Failures Number 3 failure of the ps3

Ps3                                                                Xbox 360

Online Communication                                                 Online Gaming Not Free

Game Installs                                                              Limitation of Dvd-Format

No Custom Music Tracks                                                 Red Ring of Death/Red Eye

Eight is all about Value. We love the fact that the Slim 360 stayed at the same price point, but it’s also the same price as the PS3, which offers a Blu-ray player. This additional feature is what it all comes down to, and the 360 doesn’t offer it. Plus, Xbox Live still costs $50 per year, and there are more accessories to buy for a 360 than a PS3.

After this dead-heated battle of impartial comparisons between two consoles, I just want to say that I love gaming. Whether you are with the Ps3 Fanboys or Xbox 360 Fanboys, it really does not matter because we are all gamers. I personally recommend getting both systems. Superior Online services for the Xbox 360 and Superior Media Performance of the PS3. But, after all this recommendations, there can be one console that is more superior and that is the Playstation 3. For the past year the PS3 has proven to it potential and the graphics have finally started to live up with the expectations like uncharted 2 and God of war 3. Ps3 the Ps3 also help Blu-ray disk as the sole High-definition disk media. Neither systems are perfect so, if you really plan on getting a console, get the one where your friends are at because you can’t really go wrong with any of them.


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