A Hybrid Essay – Reflective Essay

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Hey guys! I wrote this a long time ago and It’s not a very good essay and I was juts wondering if someone around the World wide web can proofread this essay for me. I’m not actually looking for marks ’cause it’s too late but, I need right now is feedback on how well am I doing in learning the English Language Arts.


As a Math Student in the Philippines, I have learned to appreciate the simple, yet

 intoxicating moment when my mind engages mathematical problems. As John Louis

Von Neumann says: “If people do not realize that mathematics is simple, it is only

 because they do not realize how complicated life is.” In my late years a high school

student in the Philippines, I wanted to know the “true” purpose of Mathematical

problems, however, I have now realized that this would void the whole mystery of


      I have always been a thinker, but throughout the course of the year, I have greatly

sharpened my skills in analyzing critically, Instead of focusing on the length and

difficulty of the math problems. I have learned to continuously ask “why” on many levels.

I challenge myself to dig deeply when studying for a math test as deeply as possible to

decipher the meanings of the problems. Also, by reading my multiple math books by the

same author, I have learned to indentify the different mathematical standards and make

connections and combine the elements together. When I look at one of my freshman

level test papers in math and see those low scores, I have realized that I did not actively

studied the book. I guess you could say that I have learned to study thoroughly, which

drastically taken my math skills to a new level because I am able to connect to my math

basics and manipulate them as if they were an extension of my hands.

     Mathematics had always been one of my strengths, but it was challenging to take

that initial step past my freshman high school years. Solving and calculating for answers

that constricted my ideas for so long. Moving part these procedures, however, has

greatly opened my mind. My thoughts are now able to process more complex

mathematical problems because I have learned to sustain my mathematical basics and

apply them to the problems in an organized manner. My mathematical skills has

become more concise and I no longer need to spend too much on problems.

Another improvement is my ability to identify the formulas in word problems in short

periods of time, instead of reading the whole problem ten times to decipher the

formulas. Furthermore, leaving how to solve basic math in short periods of time has

significantly widened my time frame of studying, which gave me more time to through

each problem again to correct minor mistakes. My mathematical ability is so much more

satisfying as it used to be.

     It is difficult to point out gaps in my knowledge as math student, only because I feel

like Learned so much. I feel that I have largely broadened my mathematical abilities, but

I need to be prepared to learn math on a Canadian high school which requires more

mathematical skills. I think it would be useful to go back to my basics and study the new

topics thoroughly by going back to my basics and reassessing my math skills. I will have

sturdy foundation in studying and learning math on Canadian Standards.


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