What is Hamlet? That’s a small piece of ham

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In know most of you had a Hamlet Final on English B30 and I decided to post this ’cause I hope people would see this someday and have an idea how to study on a very complicated Shakespearean Tragedy.


Have you been called weak? During the early modern age of England in which Hamlet was created by Shakespeare, Women did not have equal opportunities than men enjoy such as being educated and making decisions, and were……….

Supporting Evidence

Gender System of early modern England:  “Tri-factor” – Maid, Wife, and Widow.

Women were not allowed to be educated thus reducing their level of decision-making.

The men showed dominance throughout the play Hamlet.

  1. Gertrude
  1. Ophelia



“Frailty ,thy name is woman!” (Act 1 Sc 2 L 146)

“She married:-O most wicked speed,

to post with such dexterity and to incestuous sheets!” (Act 1 Sc 2 L 156-157)

“Stew’d in corruption, honeying and making love the nasty sty” (Act 3 Sc 4 L 95-96)

“No, my good lord; but, as you did command,

I did repel his letters and denied His access to me.”   (Act 2 Sc L 109-111)

“but they all withered when my father died.” (Act 2 Sc L 109-111)


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