“Cheaters Never Win”, My Observations

Hi my name is Edgar and Its good to be back to “blogging” if that’s even a word. During my hiatus, I was on vacation and was just enjoying my free time. March 3, 2012 marks the end of it and I decided to share some of thoughts.

What is a Cheating? According Dictionary.com -> “Cheating means to deceive or practise deceit, especially for one’s own gain; trick or swindle (someone)”. Cheating was all over our world which cause many nations to fall, and many nations to secure their thrones of supremacy. Cheating is inevitable in our society. People will always cheat no matter what you do or do because it is just our human nature. I can only think 3 things why people cheat.

Low Self-Esteem – Personally, I’m confident person, and I really don’t have any reasons to have low self-esteem because I have my friends and family to support me all the way. Also, I have abilities that I can use to achieve goals. However, not a lot people were born as lucky as I am, and has the kind support that I have. Some people feel that they’re not good enough, Others were not very good socially, Some are not good in sports, and don’t have talents, and some don’t have anything altogether. People are “Natural Achievers” We live to work hard, achieve amazing things, die, and our legacy lives on. If we were not achievers, Discoverer‘s like Christopher Columbus, Albert Einstein, Galileo, and many others should’ve just sat down and drank beer all day long instead of setting examples. Some people feel that they can never achieve anything in this one lifetime, that they can’t achieve anything without transgressing a line or a point. People also resort to cheating because they don’t want to be judge and be degraded by other people for not achieving something worth looking at every now and then.

Easy Way Out – I’ve encountered a lot people who use this option to pass their ordeals in life. A lot of people always wanted the easy way out of things and the fastest ticket is always cheating. Examples are Paying someone to do the things you are not able to, Falsifying information, and bypassing certain obstacles with bribery and black-mailing. A lot of people always desired for “easier way”, but this is simulation, it is life.

Gaining the Advantage – have you ever felt “Invincible” at one point? I know I did. When I was studying in Swift Current Comprehensive Highschool, my mind-set was having good grades and doing the things that I love made me fell invincible. As long as I’m doing the right things and not stepping on anyone to achieve my goals, I was set.  However, this is not the case for most people. Some people don’t have anything to boast. Some people cheat to get the advantage or usually the “Bragging Rights”  to other people like saying getting a Medal from a competition or a Trophy from a championship. It is also apart of our Human Nature to brag, boast, and pride ourselves with our achievements  every once in while because it is just natural for humans.

For me, Cheating is the one most disgraceful things a human being is capable of doing. Why? because you’re denying people of fair fight, an equal opportunity, and the truth. You might as well take a human life because it does not really make a difference. I’m not sure what cheaters are truly “achieving” for doing such horrendous acts, but I can tell you this: “Cheaters never win, you only cheat yourself”.

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