About Me

Edgar Allan Dela Cruz is a Mathematics Education Major Student in the University of Regina. I hold two High School Diplomas from Proverbsville School Incorporated in the Philippines, and from the Swift Current Comprehensive High School in Canada.

Since early 2007 I’ve been interested in acquiring a wide database of all fields of knowledge which lead me into going to Nursing as a career choice. However, throughout my senior year (2007-2008) of high school in the Philippines, I realized that Nursing was not in the best of my interest. This was because that the quality of education for nursing was rapidly diminishing due to high demands overseas and the amount of students taking the course.

On July 2009, my family migrated to Canada and landed in a small city called Swift Current to attain higher standards of education, a better standard of living, and to see a different perspective of world. Here, I met the Mcleans, Mr. Greg Mclean, a Band Director and Mrs. Marcia Mclean, a Choral Director, whom their passion for teaching music has inspired to choose Education as a career choice. My affinity was in mathematics, so it was not very hard to decide.

During my two years of stay in Canada, I realized that I have passion for two things, Drama and Music.

As an Actor, I joined drama productions in the Swift Current Comprehensive high school which includes: Becoming Juliet, All that twitters is not Gold, Treasure Island, Competition Piece, and The Omnipotence and the Wheelbarrow Man.

As a Singer, I joined the SCCHS Meistersingers, and the Swift Current Oratorio Choir. I was fortunate enough to have Marcia Mclean as a private vocal coach in which my vocal technique has improved from nothing into something. I was also fortunate to be 2011’s recipient of the Jean Cyca  Music Theatre Award for singing “I Only Want To Say”from Jesus Christ Superstar at the Swift Current Music Festival which also gave me recommendation to participate to the Provincial Music Festival.

Above anything else is my family. I am the eldest of 4 children. My father, Edgardo is a Mechanic, and my mother, Cynthia works at nursing homes. I develop a strong interest in performing. I perform in plays, sing in choirs, and compete in music festivals to gain experience that would be useful in the near future. Other than Drama and Music, I also have passions for poetry, dancing, anime, and my faith. My growth as a person has dramatically increased as a result of hard work, perseverance, and overcoming various trials to achieve success. I will never forget my mentor,

Marcia Mclean said to me: “I want something, I make it happen”.

Disclaimer: This blog contains my ideas, opinions, and presentations, and projects of Edgar Allan Dela Cruz. I do not condone any illegal activities. The Information is only provided by Edgar Allan Dela Cruz and while I endeavour to keep this blog updated and correct, the ideas and opinions are mine and mine alone.  I attempt to share this blog in an appropriate and non-offensive manner. Any reliance you place on my information is therefore strictly at your own risk.


  1. Love your story Edgar and particularly am fascinated by your passions for drama and music and yet are pursuing a Math education degree.

    I also love your disclaimer. Good idea.

    • well, I do love acting and singing but I have to practical because those job don’t pay much and give food to table. and a few weeks ago I was discouraged from continuing music as a minor because the Music department found out that I did not have enough music experience and theory so, I had to dropped the class because they told that I would not be successful with music reading ability. I still, continue what I do best except its kinda difficult to find the right place due to the complexity of Regina. Also thanks for the comment. I appreciate it. About the disclaimer, I didn’t know about that so I researched it and made my own hehehe.

      Edgar Allan

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