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Poetry Time # 3: The Moon

I had a special dream last night that did not give the strength to go to my Math 110 class which did not give me the opportunity to ask questions to my professor regarding the midterm on monday. In fact, it made me think of dropping it due to stress and the course load that I have at the moment. The dream was about me dating  the girl that I had almost completely forgotten due to the pain that she caused me. Obviously, I can’t message her to stop showing up in my nightmare, because that would  be insane and unethical for me to do that.  Instead, I redirected all of frustrations, pain, headaches, stress, problems to the Moon, a gigantic piece of debris that got attracted to earth’s gravitational pull, in which a made a poem about it. Enjoy

The Moon

Soundless, lifeless, and heartless
Consumed by darkness, a land of no caress.
Desolated with lies, devoured by Melancholy
Visited by observers, a vessel full of folly
Windless, depressing, clueless
Populated by craters, all faceless.
A place of overwhelming drought
A realm of unforgiving doubt
Beauty as it may from far away
A demented version of the milky way
Supressing day and offering night
The phenomena of eclipse, the dark light
The Moon, the parsimonious moon
The pretentious shade, a silent typhoon                         -Edgar Allan Not Poe

Poetry Time #2

Here is another poem that I made for my Teacher, adviser, and a big sister,

Ms. Dennehy

A woman of music and integrity
The best Choral Director-Full of Authority
Transcendent, Gentle, and Smart
Traits that can never be bought at Walmart

She wears glasses, contacts, and has majestic eyes
Whenever I am in her class, my voice says Hi to the skies
Her voice is like pure Sunshine
warm, sweet, and vibrant-God's Design

Her Philosophy is a university
A community, working together-Full of diversity
With her, the Choir is Alive!
Tenors-Bright, Altos-Dark, Sopranos-High, Basses-Thrive

But who is she outside the class?; the inner
A loving daughter and A Legitimate Singer
She enjoys singing, dancing, and acting
A triple threat, like a powerful bullet-piercing 

She loves to cook; chopping here, whacking that
Humming and waiting on the oven's spat.
This is Ms. Dennehy: a Little Angel! That's a fact!: half rest
"Live, Love, Laugh!" I only want to say, She's the Best!                                                 -Edgar Allan Not Poe

Poetry Time #1

"Nyan Nyan" says the cat! hmmm...
I'm quite bored doing
all this work and studying.
Then, I was like: ha! I should share a poem.
This is my English B30 poetry
 assignment about describing someone that I know.
I chose my Math teacher due
to his passion for teaching and dedication
 to make his students learn.
 t turned to be great! my English teacher lo
ved it and so did my Math teacher. Enjoy!

Mr. Blanke

A man of knowledge and power
The best Math teacher-The Man of the Hour
Confident, Passionate, and Bold
His jokes and antics; never gets old

He is bald, wears glasses, and has intense eyes
Whenever I am in his class, my mind never reaches the skies
His voice is like thunder
Strong and powerful like the Boy Wonder

His Philosophy is a warzone
Fight hard, do well, and you are all alone
With him, Math is exciting
Everyone is listening, and no one is murmuring.

But who is he outside class?; the inner
A family man-A True Winner
He loves his kids and has a trophy wife
Farms with passion-a beautiful lifeHe loves pimping his sprayer; cranking here, whacking that
Humming and whistling with his John Deere hat.
This is Mr. Blanke: He is Awesome! That's a fact!
"You got to be a fool not to check that!"                                                     -Edgar Allan Not Poe
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