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Tech Task #10 Digital Citizenship

We were ask to make an “Online Id” or page that will show us our Identity. This is my Online Identity :


Tech Task # 9; Smartboards!

“Choose a specific outcome from the Saskatchewan Curriculum. List it it and find 2-3 Smartboard activities or plans that would meet that outcome. Post the links to your site and add any commentary about the difficulty and/or modifications you might need to make. “

I went  to search for programs and found the ones that i like and would be suitable for class.


1) Probability. I was observing my classmates and colleagues in my math classes these pass two years, and I notice that the Probability chapter is the hardest chapter in Math A30 and Math B30. It is because that probability does not provide enough structure and content for most students to understand. I chose this program because most questions found on text books that are provided by school do not have enough visual depictions. Also, by using this program it can reduce the learning curve of students who are having difficulty with the probability sections of the book.

2) Angles This actually applies for all grade levels. this program can be applied for students who are trying to learn angles for the first time, and for people who need to refresh their perspectives about angles because as we progress with mathematics, angles become more complex and used in different area such as quadrants, and dimensions.

Tech Task #8: The Spirit of Sharing

Last Tuesday on ECMP 355, we were joined by Alex Couros, and were given a very valuable lecture by Dean Shareski.

Our Tech Task is to put a widget(s) that allows us to share. Well, I chose these Widgets.

YouTube is a video-sharing website, created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005, on which users can upload, share and view videos. I use youtube as catalyst for video presentations that I have to  broadcast and share across the world in an attempt that the videos that i uppload and share may reach out to someone who needs an example or information that my videos will be able to offer.

Flickr is an image hosting and video hosting website, web services suite, and online community that was created by Ludicorp in 2004 and acquired by Yahoo! in 2005. i chose this one because it is very effective and efficient when it comes to sharing photos and content. I upload my pictures in it and it automatically displays it to my blog.

Kijiji is a centralized network of online urban communities for posting local online classified advertisements.It not really a widget but, I sell items in my link that can shared to anyone interested in buying the stuff that I sell.

Tech Task# 7 – Educational Gaming

“Find and play an educational game. Write a short review on it. Consider Sylvia’s perspectives and your own as your write.”

Well I’m gamer and I love Math as well so I choose a very interesting game that suits my skills and gives me a challenges at the same time.

This game is called Baloon Invaders, a game that challenges your mathematical ability and at the same time challenges your finger dexterity.

In this game you play a person whose mission is to save the world from balloons with numbers on it? too serious? yeah that’s not it lol.

This game’s main purpose is to train you on memorizing either multiplication or division. But wait, there is a catch. this is where the core gameplay pops in.

you are given a a multiplication or a division question and you need to pop the balloon that corresponds to the question. pretty easy right? Here’s a bigger catch.

The balloons move sideways until they fall to you, so if you pop the wrong balloon, you lose a chance to get the question that the balloon has. furthermore hit 2 balloons and the game ends.

This game not only challenges your mathematical ability but you finger dexterity as well. This game actually reminds me of Galaga

This game is good practising multiplication and division but noticed that there technical issues and bugs that I noticed while playing it. However, this game can  also prove to be very useful when you’re training to think faster and give your fingers more dexterity for writing on your pc.

I am giving it an 9/10 because this game its not for the likes of everyone but if you want you’re a math person like me or just want something different for change, then this game is definitely for you.

Tech Task #6: Global Classroom Response

Write a blog post about this session. Include some ideas and links you found interesting. Discuss ways you might incorporate these ideas into your classroom.

Last Week, our class had the opportunity to have a session with Silvia Tolisano as a guest speaker. She talked about Global Learning and shared techniques students and classrooms around the world are learning with each other. I found her lecture very interesting because this was a different perspective in what I am used to do with technology.  She showed many ways and examples on how we can connect with people from different parts of the world. I pinpointed two examples from her lecture that really stood out among the rest:

1. Teddy Bears Around the World – Is a program that Silvia Tolisano put together. This program will enable her students to see each other’s countries, customs and traditions through the eyes of our “teddy bears” and open their horizons through a more global perspective. I personally think that this idea amazing. However,  it aims to capture younger students in the program with having the portrayal of Teddy Bears as being friendly.

2. Around the World with 80 Schools – Is also a challenge that Silvia put together. The challenge is to connect your students with 80 schools from around the world via Skype.  This challenge is very interesting  because it shows the another purpose of Skype; Online Teaching. So far, 600 teaches across the world have used this challenge to connect to other people across the world.

With these programs and people like Silvia Tolisano, Eliminating Global Illiteracy is within our grasp.

Teck Task # 5 – Life at the U of R

Here is my documentary, this is my version completely edited by me using the videos that Jeneane and I recorded in class, so her version is completely different and shorter than mine .you can check it out at her blog: Jeneane Kowalchuk

I invested my some time on this tech task, because this is no cake walk. With the help of a simple recorder, a digital camera, and Windows movie maker, I was able to put my desired output to such simple devices and applications. Well, this is my first time doing an edited video, So feel free to make some constructive criticism and comments.


Tech Task # 4

These are the Two stories that I have to do for this week.

They were super hard to do and took almost 8 hours of time.  Obviously they are not perfect but I did my best to deliver two presentations.

The First one is Cinderella which is told by me via webcam and the Second Story is the Legend of Math told via Xtranormal.

Programs used:

EyeCreate – Playstation 3 Software

Windows Movie Maker




Tech Task # 4 Written Teaser

Note: Photo is very Misleading!!!

#1 would be cinderella – Once upon a Time,…..there was

#2 would be an original story – the Legend of Mathematics……Long ago in the land of mathematica

Stay Tuned!

Tech Task #3 Following…Following…Following

We were given the Task to find 5 blogs you want to follow and 10 people to follow on twitter. These can be educators or anyone else you want pay attention to.   Write a blog post about your choices linking to each source.

I always looked up to people who achieved success in very unique ways. Not all people that  I followed are “AAA” celebrities, but rather people who used diligence and perseverance to achieve success. Not everyone is cut out to be a celebrity or an iconic person, but I admire these people because they are all successful in the paths that they have chosen. Also, I followed them due to personal interest in the following fields: Acting, Speaking, Gaming, Singing, and Comedy.

Shelly Terrell :

The Official Playstation Blog:

Julie Powell:

Classical Music Blog:

Dean Shareski :


Zooey Desschanel  is an American actress, musician, and singer-songwriter. :!/therealzooeyd

Shelly Terrell is an Education thought-provoker, The 30 Goals Challenge author, International Speaker, #Edchat founder, VP of Edu Outreach @Parentella, SC Mgr @TheConsultantsE.:!/ShellTerrell

Jim Carrey is a Canadian-American actor, comedian, singer and writer:!/JimCarrey

Rick Mercer is a Canadian comedian, television personality, political satirist, and blogger.:!/rickmercer

Jessica Chobot is an American on-camera host and staff writer for IGN. She is best known for hosting the IGN shows IGN Strategize and Weekly Wood, which also runs on Xbox Live and used to present the IGN Daily Fix.:!/Jessica_Chobot

Seth MacFarlane is an American animator, writer, comedian, producer, actor, singer, voice actor, and director best known for creating the animated sitcoms Family Guy,American Dad!, and The Cleveland Show, for which he also voices many of the shows’ various characters.:!/SethMacFarlane

The Onion is an American news satire organization.:!/TheOnion

Kevin Conroy is an American stage, screen, and voice actor, best known for his acclaimed voice role as Batman in numerous animated television series, feature films, and video games that make up the DC Universe.:!/TheKevinConroy

Tara Strong is a Canadian-American actress, voice-over artist, comedian, musician, singer, and businesswoman.:!/tarastrong

Nolan North  is an American actor and voice actor.:!/nolan_north

Jay Leno is an American stand-up comedian and television host.:!/jayleno

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