What do I do with my lectures on ECS 100? Post them Online!

If someone don’t have notes on ECS 100, I can post mine any time so, feel free to ask!

ECS 100 Chapter Notes: Week ___5____

Student Name:  Edgar Dela Cruz                 Date: Oct 17,2011                            Chapter:


Chapter Title: Foundations of Education, Knowledge and the History of Ideas in the West


 Focus Questions: (From beginning of each chapter):


Is information different from Knowledge?




 Vocabulary & Meanings: (Terms, words, phrases that are new to me):

“One must have as much respect for the teacher as for God” -Talmud

The Socratic Method from Socrates (469-399 BC)



-aporia (systematic doubt, or doubt everything at first sight)

-dialectic (making people talk and discuss)


Main Messages and Key Points Presented:


Main Traditions of Knowledge

Acquisition of Knowledge in History

Protagoras (481-411 BC)

Plato (428-348 BC)

Aristotle (384-322 BC)

The Dark Ages (500-1000)

The Middle Ages (1000-1500)

The Reformation (1517)

The Enlightenment

19th Century



Two Questions (that I now have):


  1. 1.    What effective method of education?



  1. 2.    How can we ensure that future generations will receive the more content if not the same as what we learned today?



Professional Reflection (complete after seminar group discussion):


I think that Learning should continually evolve to the point that it is for everyone because the types of learning that we currently have is not suitable for every especially for countries like Canada that continually welcomes immigrants from other countries who have different learning styles and patterns. Also, I think that people in the near future, need to reconsider the standards of education because some of them are not “attainable”.







ECS 100 Chapter Notes: Week ___7____

Student Name: Edgar Dela Cruz            Date:   Oct 31, 2011             Chapter:


Chapter Title: Social and Cultural Realities: Aboriginal Education
 Focus Questions: (From beginning of each chapter):


Why do we need to talk about Aboriginal education? What is it? How do we teach it?

 Vocabulary & Meanings: (Terms, words, phrases that are new to me):

Three Aboriginal Groups in Canada: First Nations, Inuit, Metis

One treaty in this area: Treaty 4

Aboriginal languages in Saskatchewan: Cree, Dakota, etc.

Five reserves: Gordon, Starblanket, White Bear, Carry the Kettle, Fishing Lake

One Metis community: Witosh

City with the highest percentage of Aboriginal people: Prince Albert

Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nation (FSIN)

Year of the Metis: 2011

Trial of Louis Riel: Regina


Main Messages and Key Points Presented:


Four R’s used in a letter about Aboriginal education

-responsibility to students and community




It’s all about the land. We are all living on treaty land.

Many people are ignorant of the Aboriginal culture

Aboriginal people have inherited grief from their ancestors.

Europeans own land but Aboriginal people believe everything in the land is animate and sacred relatives.

The Constitution Act of Canada

Aboriginal people have been defined in the constitution with one generic term, even though there’s so many different groups.

You may apply for Indian status, and be recognized as treaty. It’s very confusing.

If anyone in your family is non-Indian, it’s possible that you will lose status

Your education and health is paid for by the government, but some things are not covered.

Agency is the ability to make decisions and act on them. In Aboriginal education, it is important for students to be taught this and allow them to be imaginative, contrary to residential school, where they were seen as enemies of the state.

Some students were kept in school and away from family for  11 out of 12 months.

At the time of residential schools, Indigenous people were seen as a problem. Until 1960, Aboriginal peoples were not Canadian citizens and did not have the right to vote.

There was a huge amount of abuse taking place in residential schools. People who went to these schools were later paid as an apology.

Most were not physically or sexually abused, but were abused by being separated from family, kept in an institution, and being forbidden to speak any Aboriginal language.


When you learn about Aboriginal culture, you have to immerse yourself in the culture and people.

Speakers in the classroom

Treaty education

Working with elders

Attend community events, such as pow-wows and feasts, and allow students to organize them

Take an integrated approach to teaching: art and math, so using Indigenous art to teach general art, etc.

-Storytelling with attention to voice, source, and movies

-Several years ago, the premier said that all students must learn about the treaty

Know your history and integrate it:


-Indian Act

-Red River and North West Rebellions

-residential schools

-Nation Indian Brotherhood of 1970

-Indian control of Indian education in 1973


Indigenous Knowledge

-Ecology root versus cosmology as spiritual root

-spirit and body interconnected

-transmitted over time

-local or community focus

-rituals and myths

Sacred Circle

-4 teachings are elements of humans and nature, directions, animals, and colours. This circle is also known as the medicine wheel.

-Not all groups have the medicine wheel, so the local knowledge is important.

-integrating aboriginal content and knowledge in tests, stories, and ways of knowing (work in circles, talk about the importance of the circle, create a relationship with the land, teach outside

-avoid doing this only once or twice. Classes should not trivialize people and make them seem like they are not changing.

Incorporate humour whenever possible.


Two Questions (that I now have):


  1. 1.    What are we suppose to do to rectify this “racial” issue that is plundering our society for centuries?



  1. 2.    What do you think about some people taking advantage of the First Nation’s benefit?



Professional Reflection (complete after seminar group discussion):

I think we need to be more careful about what we utter and perceive. Furthermore, I think we need to consider everyone from every race, country, and domains before making decisions that could possibly be damaging to our diverse society here in Canada.









What about something Random? “A change of post”


This is a lot of random stuff that I totally forgot what they are. if some can remind me, that would b awesome!


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Poetry Time #1
SEP 27
Posted by Edgar Allan Dela Cruz
“Nyan Nyan” says the cat! hmmm…I’m quite bored doing all this work and studying. Then, I was like: ha! I should share a poem.

This is my English B30 poetry assignment about describing someone that I know. I chose my Math teacher due to his passion for teaching and dedication to make his students learn. It turned to be great! my English teacher loved it and so did my Math teacher. Enjoy!

Mr. Blanke

A man of knowledge and power
The best Math teacher-The Man of the Hour
Confident, Passionate, and Bold
His jokes and antics; never gets old

He is bald, wears glasses, and has intense eyes
Wherever I am in his class, my mind never reaches the skies
His voice is like thunder
Strong and powerful like the Boy Wonder

His Philosophy is a warzone
Fight hard, do well, and you are all alone
With him, Math is exciting
Everyone is listening, and no one is murmuring.

But who is he outside class?; the inner
A family man-A True Winner
He loves his kids and has a trophy wife
Farms with passion-a beautiful life

He loves pimping his sprayer; cranking here, whacking that
Humming and whistling with his John Deere hat.
This is Mr. Blanke: He is Awesome! That’s a fact!
“You got to be a fool not to check that!” -Edgar Allan Not Poe
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Tech Task #3 Following…Following…Following
SEP 26
Posted by Edgar Allan Dela Cruz


We were given the Task to find 5 blogs you want to follow and 10 people to follow on twitter. These can be educators or anyone else you want pay attention to. Write a blog post about your choices linking to each source.

I always looked up to people who achieved success in very unique ways. Not all people that I followed are “AAA” celebrities, but rather people who used diligence and perseverance to achieve success. Not everyone is cut out to be a celebrity or an iconic person, but I admire these people because they are all successful in the paths that they have chosen. Also, I followed them due to personal interest in the following fields: Acting, Speaking, Gaming, Singing, and Comedy.

Shelly Terrell : http://teacherbootcamp.edublogs.org/

The Official Playstation Blog: http://blog.us.playstation.com/

Julie Powell: http://juliepowell.blogspot.com/

Classical Music Blog: http://classicalmusicblog.com/

Dean Shareski : http://ideasandthoughts.org/


Zooey Desschanel is an American actress, musician, and singer-songwriter. :http://twitter.com/#!/therealzooeyd

Shelly Terrell is an Education thought-provoker, The 30 Goals Challenge author, International Speaker, #Edchat founder, VP of Edu Outreach @Parentella, SC Mgr @TheConsultantsE.: http://twitter.com/#!/ShellTerrell

Jim Carrey is a Canadian-American actor, comedian, singer and writer: http://twitter.com/#!/JimCarrey

Rick Mercer is a Canadian comedian, television personality, political satirist, and blogger.: http://twitter.com/#!/rickmercer

Jessica Chobot is an American on-camera host and staff writer for IGN. She is best known for hosting the IGN shows IGN Strategize and Weekly Wood, which also runs on Xbox Live and used to present the IGN Daily Fix.: http://twitter.com/#!/Jessica_Chobot

Seth MacFarlane is an American animator, writer, comedian, producer, actor, singer, voice actor, and director best known for creating the animated sitcoms Family Guy,American Dad!, and The Cleveland Show, for which he also voices many of the shows’ various characters.: http://twitter.com/#!/SethMacFarlane

The Onion is an American news satire organization.: http://twitter.com/#!/TheOnion

Kevin Conroy is an American stage, screen, and voice actor, best known for his acclaimed voice role as Batman in numerous animated television series, feature films, and video games that make up the DC Universe.: http://twitter.com/#!/TheKevinConroy

Tara Strong is a Canadian-American actress, voice-over artist, comedian, musician, singer, and businesswoman.: http://twitter.com/#!/tarastrong

Nolan North is an American actor and voice actor.: http://twitter.com/#!/nolan_north

Jay Leno is an American stand-up comedian and television host.: http://twitter.com/#!/jayleno

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SEP 26
Posted by Edgar Allan Dela Cruz
All this Pressure is pushing my abilities to the limits. I need to find a solution for this. In the mean time, I rest

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Tech Task #2 Results
SEP 22
Posted by Edgar Allan Dela Cruz
Here the results for the seven people who took my general knowledge test.

In a Scale of 1-10 these are their respective scores:

Landon 10

Jennie 9

Adam 8

Cole 8

Dan 7

Nicole 5

Roderick 4

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Tech Task #1 Remastered for Tech Tasks
SEP 22
Posted by Edgar Allan Dela Cruz
Edgar Allan Dela Cruz is a Mathematics Education Major Student in the University of Regina. I hold two High School Diplomas from Proverbsville School Incorporated in the Philippines, and from the Swift Current Comprehensive High School in Canada.

Since early 2007 I’ve been interested in acquiring a wide database of all fields of knowledge which lead me into going to Nursing as a career choice. However, throughout my senior year (2007-2008) of high school in the Philippines, I realized that Nursing was not in the best of my interest. This was because that the quality of education for nursing was rapidly diminishing due to high demands overseas and the amount of students taking the course.

On July 2009, my family migrated to Canada and landed in a small city called Swift Current to attain higher standards of education, a better standard of living, and to see a different perspective of world. Here, I met the Mcleans, Mr. Greg Mclean, a Band Director and Mrs. Marcia Mclean, a Choral Director, whom their passion for teaching music has inspired to choose Education as a career choice. My affinity was in mathematics, so it was not very hard to decide.

During my two years of stay in Canada, I realized that I have passion for two things, Drama and Music.

As an Actor, I joined drama productions in the Swift Current Comprehensive high school which includes: Becoming Juliet, All that twitters is not Gold, Treasure Island, Competition Piece, and The Omnipotence and the Wheelbarrow Man.

As a Singer, I joined the SCCHS Meistersingers, and the Swift Current Oratorio Choir. I was fortunate enough to have Marcia Mclean as a private vocal coach in which my vocal technique has improved from nothing into something. I also fortunate to be 2011’s recipient of the Jean Cyca Music Theatre Award for singing “I Only Want To Say” from Jesus Christ Superstar at the Swift Current Music Festival which also gave me recommendation to participate to the Provincial Music Festival.

Above anything else is my family. I am the eldest of 4 children. My father, Edgardo is a Mechanic, and my mother, Cynthia works at nursing homes. I develop a strong interest in performing. I perform in plays, sing in choirs, and compete in music festivals to gain experience that would be useful in the near future. Other than Drama and Music, I also have passions for poetry, dancing, anime, and my faith. My growth as a person has dramatically increased as a result of hard work, perseverance, and overcoming various trials to achieve success. I will never forget my mentor, Marcia Mclean said to me: “I want it, I make it happen”.

Disclaimer: This blog contains my ideas, opinions, and presentations, and projects of Edgar Allan Dela Cruz. I do not condone any illegal activities. The Information is only provided by Edgar Allan Dela Cruz and while I endeavour to keep this blog updated and correct, the ideas and opinions are mine and mine alone. I attempt to share this blog in an appropriate and non-offensive manner. Any reliance you place on my information is therefore strictly at your own risk.

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What makes you go to Fleep?
SEP 21
Posted by Edgar Allan Dela Cruz
What makes you go to sleep? pills? tea? stress? Me, I have another problem. Sleeping in a very small apartment can be very hard when you have 3 younger sisters trying to make a music career out of YouTube videos and Pop music recordings, Not to mention the amount of screaming and shouting that they create with said activities. Well, stress can be cured by R&R, but sleep can’t recovered very easily. good night!

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A good way to Relax -not really lol
SEP 20
Posted by Edgar Allan Dela Cruz
Yeah I’m kinda geeky when it comes to video games. This card would be very useful to track down my 50 hour challenge. Also this is also a good way to shake away all the university pressure that I have been having lately, but now ’cause I still have a lot to do. Phew, I think I ‘m getting used to this blogging business.

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Crippled by Calculus
SEP 20
Posted by Edgar Allan Dela Cruz
I know a lot of you guys have taken calculus in high school, which in turn is giving you a good advantage at Math 110, but for me, I am actually having a hard time following the professor’s lectures. I was given a deadline on three semesters to finish high school due to the fact that my high school diploma is not recognized here in Canada. That’s why I ran out of time and only finished three Math Classes.This Math 110 class is a tough, and therefore I must act in all due haste before my assignment deadline is almost up which is 9 days from now. I’m crippled by this class and I think I should call someone that I could help.

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Preparing the Biology Final Project! This is in High School lol

First things first I guess. everything came from something right? I posted it to show my preparation on this venture of Presenting my final Project on biology on SCCHS!


Medical Requirements

Health Card – Health

SIN – some of our clients are working in their respective countries, so we need to keep this in record in case something happens.

Mosquito Repellent – for safety purposes only. Its not rainy season, so there is no need to worry about getting malaria and dengue.

I’m not worry about epidemics because as of 2010, there is no epidemic that is prevalent in the Philippines.

The Philippines accepts Medicare from any country that has one.

As a local individual, i do not have free health care so i have to apply to philhealth and sss.


—  There are 3 Seasons1. Hot dry season or summer from March to May.

—  2. Rainy season from June to November

—  3. Cool dry season from December to February

The average yearly temperature is around 26.6°C

—  Annual rainfall measures as much as 5,000 millimeters (200 inches) in the mountainous east coast section but less than 1,000 millimetres (39 inches) in some of the sheltered valleys

Potential hazards or problems caused by the Weather

—  Floods

—  Landslides

Places not to go


Mindanao is the only area of the Philippines with a significant Muslim presence. A guerrilla war is ongoing on the islands. In addition the crime rate on the island is the highest in the country overall

Babuyan Islands

—  Transportation is very difficult.

—  Too Undeveloped

—  Unusual volcanic activity

Sulu Archipelago

—  On 16 July 2010, a Japanese citizen was kidnapped on Pangutaran Island in the Sulu Archipelago. He remains in captivity up to this day.

—  Journey Plan

—  Day 1

—  Arrival

—  Manila

—  Day 2

—  Baler

—  Day 3

—  Banawe Rice Terraces

—  Baguio City

—  Day 4

—  Puerto Princesa

—  Day 5 & Day 6

—  Boracay

—  Day 7

—  Manila

—  Departure



—  Kingdom: Animalia

—   Phylum: Chordota

—  Class: Mammalia

—   Order: Omnivora

—  Family: Felidae

—  Species: Panthera

Combination of a Lion and a pre-evolve human being.

—  Latin Name: Chimerus Cestus

—  The Organism moves either with a pair of Arms and legs or just a pair of legs.

Survival Skills

This Mammal lives forests of Baler.

—  It is adapted for Tropical Life.

—  It is an Endotherm

—  It goes to nearby rivers to cool off and relax

—  It goes into hiding in cave when a typhoon or rain comes.

—  It lives on solitary with its own group of Haris which is called a “Legion”.


—  Eats Fruits(Mainly Coconut) and Meat(Mainly Wild Boar).

—  When its looking for fruits like bananas, it will use its strength and ability to stand up with two legs to bash the bananas of the tree. But when it comes coconuts, it climbs up to retrieve it.

—  When its looking for animals like a wild boar, they snuck up to the bushes and pre-emptively grabs its prey pounds it to death.

—  If the prey escapes, it will chase  and strike it down with its teeth.

—  It is capable of running at a speed of 90 kph on both arms and feet and 60 Kph on foot


—  It migrates from cave to cave around baler only.

—  For Courtship patterns, the male Hari needs to bring the female Hari a special flower that can only be found on the mountains of baler. The female Hari chooses that one who bring her the biggest flower.

—  It gives its full attention to its offspring until the age of 12 months where the offspring can fend on its own but still remains family oriented.

—  Audio demonstration by you.

How Teens learn best? is mine credible or not?

How Teens Learn Best

Schoolwork is important for teenagers. Understanding the subjects that is taught in middle school and high school set the stage for the rest of a teenager’s life. The ability to learn and process new information is a huge key towards teenage success. By the time kids reach their teenage years, their learning styles have already been realized. Children begin developing their learning styles when they first enter the world and complete this part of development usually by the age of twelve. It is important to understand that people have different learning styles, parental influences, peers, and mentors that affect their learning.

First, Different learning styles and curves. Ever wonder why teens seem to put off the easier material until last minute? Or why there must be complete silence for him or her to study effectively? Both of these are largely due to the teen’s learning style. The way that a teen learns has a big impact on his or her study habits. You might notice that teens learn better under pressure so he or she puts off studying until the day before the test. Teens whose learning styles are at their best when there are no distractions will need complete silence when they are trying to study. When teens are not in the situation that best fits their learning style, they will have trouble with their study habits as well. There are four different learning styles that affect a teenager’s study habits, these are visual, auditory, actual learning, and analytic. Visual learners. There are those teens that are visual learners. These teens work best with visual representation of the information. This includes pictures, symbols, charts, diagrams, and colors. Auditory learners. These teens learn best if they hear the information. When auditory-learning teens study, you might find them reading aloud because it helps them to better learn the material when they hear themselves read it aloud. Actual learners . When it comes to practical subjects like Math and English, these teens would rather do some trial and error rather than actually read and learn the rules first. Although, it might sound contrary to what most parents think their kinds should do, it is not good to try to change your child’s learning style. Instead, find ways that you can help develop his study habits through this trial and error kind of learning style. Analytic learners .These kinds of learners deal well with details. You might notice your teen reading and rereading the information, while taking some time to reflect on what was just read in the meantime. An analytic learner deals well with lists, patterns, homework, and practice exercises. Since this kind of teen deals well with goals, set some steps and study goals for your teen to aid in his study habits.

Second, Parental influences. Parents are a huge influence in regards to teenage learning but, Teenagers don’t learn much from parental warnings and lecturing. Most parents have tried that without much success. And unfortunately, one or both parents all too often cave in when their children get in trouble. Each time parents do so, a valuable lesson isn’t learned and a mistake is apt to be repeated. Also, Teens that were implied with tremendous amounts of discipline by theirs show more promise than most teens.

Third, Peer pressure. Peer pressure is one thing that all teens have in common. You can’t escape it. It is everywhere. Whether it is pressure to conform to a group norm or pressure to act, peer pressure is something everybody has to deal with at some time in his or her life.

Children, especially during adolescence, begin to spend a lot more time with their friends, and less time with their family. This makes them more susceptible to the influences of their peers. It is important to remember that teenage friends can have a positive influence; we should therefore find friends that have similar interests and views as those you are trying to develop in your children, including doing well in school, having respect for others and avoiding drug use, smoking and drinking, etc.

Peer pressure isn’t always negative. Peers may pressure others into negative behaviors or away from positive behaviors, but can push in positive directions as well. Not all teens react to peer pressure in the same way. Gender and age are factors. For example, boys are more susceptible than girls to peer pressure, particularly in risk situations. Younger teens are more easily influenced than older teens, with peer pressure peaking in about eighth or ninth grade. Individual characteristics such as confidence level, personality and degree of maturity make a difference. Peer pressure varies according to the situation: being with one close friend, in the small clique of friends, or seeing what the larger peer group is doing in school.

Finally, Teacher’s influence. Teachers play a significant role in teenage learning. Since teachers can affect how students perceive the course materials, it has been found that teachers who showed enthusiasm towards the course materials and students can affect a positive learning experience towards the course materials. On teacher/course evaluations, it was found that teachers who have a positive disposition towards the course content tend to transfer their passion to receptive students. Students are likely to build stronger relations with teachers who are friendly and supportive and will show more interest in courses taught by these teachers. Teachers that spend more time interacting and working directly with students are perceived as supportive and effective teachers. Effective teachers have been shown to invite student participation and decision making, allow humor into their classroom, and demonstrate a willingness to play.

My Nomination Speech – “Michael Jackson”

This is one of speeches in high school where I had to nominate someone worth of recognition. This is another sharing portion where I share and give ideas and serve as an example to get someone started.



Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen! Today it is my honor to nominate Michael Jackson, an American recording artist, dancer, singer-songwriter, musician and philanthropist, Referred to as the King of Pop, He is one of the most successful entertainer of all timeto received the Person of the Millennium award.. I nominated him because he exemplifies traits that are simply admirable and marvelous. These traits are mainly his Persistence, Innovative qualities, Versatility, and being the Epitome of Pop music itself.


First, His Persistence. Through complex dance routines, special effects and famous cameo appearances, Michael Jackson changed music videos into an art form and promotional tool; simultaneously breaking down racial barriers.

Michael Jackson struggled to receive coverage on MTV because he was African American. Pressure from CBS Records persuaded MTV to start showing “Billie Jean” and later “Beat It”, leading to a lengthy partnership with Jackson, also helping other black music artists gain recognition.


Second, His Innovative qualities. The choreography in “Thriller” has become a part of global pop culture, replicated everywhere from Bollywood to prisons in the Philippines.

For “Smooth Criminal”, Jackson experimented with an innovative “anti-gravity lean” in his performances, for which he was granted a US Patent. Jackson also popularized a number of dance techniques, such as the robot and the moonwalk.


Third, His Versatility, Jackson’s versatility allowed him to experiment with various themes and genres. As a musician, he ranged from Motown’s dance fare and ballads to techno-edged new jack swing to work that incorporates both funk rhythms and hard rock guitar.

Unlike many artists, Michael Jackson did not write his songs on paper. Instead he would dictate into a sound recorder; when recording he would sing from memory.

In the mid-1970s, the singer adopted a “vocal hiccup”, the purpose of the hiccup—somewhat like a gulping for air or gasping—was to help promote a certain emotion, be it excitement, sadness or fear.


Finally, being the Epitome of Pop music. Throughout his Career, Michael Jackson transformed the art of the music video and paved way for modern pop music. For much of his career, his musical contributions, which include: “Heal the World”, “Man in the Mirror”, “Cry”, “We Are the World”, “The Lost Children”, “Earth Song”, and “Beat It”, gave him an “unparalleled” level of influence over the younger generation. Jackson’s work continues to influence numerous hip hop, rock, pop and R&B artists, including Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Usher, Green Day, Britney Spears, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, and Ludacris, among others.


Michael Jackson!

English B30 Final Speech Outline

Image Detail

I know a lot of you made speeches before but I wanted to share this because I hate it when people have difficulty on certain thing such as speeches, essays, and making outlines. I gone through a lot in my life and I hope that no one experiences that troubles and frustrations I faced when making one of these. THIS IS NOT a CREDIBLE source of info but this outline can give you an idea of the expectation.



Racism describes a system of group domination that is both ideological and structural and is prejudice based on membership to a marginal racial group.

Basic-Embraces the combination of supremacy and discrimination-decides-“Normal”-*excludes-Minority-end-up-negatively-impacted-conjectures.

This paper-examines-possible-causes-effects-to-soceity-recommends-solution


Based on Historical Studies-Racism-Prevalent- Human-History

Some believe that specific groups are more superior .

Human beings have tried to justify different treatment of people based on race, traits , capabilities.

In order to find out the cause of racism, one must look into the capitalist society,

Capitalism-Principle-classified-or-race-tenure-of-the-means-social living-interms-production&distribution


*Racism found its way and destroyed relationships-Human beings-Racial-groups-deprived-rights-while-partisan-treatment



Inherent-effect- Moral resentment

Psychological and Social

Self-loathing-towards-the affected>Hate crimes-along-superior

**Destroyed the harmonious ways of life for many-affected-social-development

*Racism has persuaded ….Unify

Social Responsibility

Claiming that Racism-Denial




Conclusion and solution

Racism has long been associated with capitalism, where classes exist in favor of the majority groups.

Abolition of Capitalism.-Reseachers-Argue

all the races existing in the society today

free of social conflict and can work unanimously without discrimination

Works Cited Reich Michael. The Economics of Racism. 2006. Retrieved From: http://tomweston.net/ReichRacism.pdf

A “hopefully” good example of a biology fungi classification w/ the help of Inspiration



I.       Basidiomycota

A.   Shelf Fungi


B.   Basidia

C.   Basidiospores

D.   Fruiting Body

II.     Zygomycota

A.   Stolon

B.   Gametangia

C.   Rhizoids

D.   Zygospores

III.    Deuteromycota

A.   Ringworm


B.   Athletes’ Foot


IV.    Ascomycota

A.   Conidia

B.   Ascospores

C.   Ascus

D.   Budding

E.   Yeast



A.   Parts

1.   Chitin

2.   Lichen

3.   Hyphae

4.   Mycelium

5.   Saprobe

6.   Sporangiophore


I created this and just want to share it! my Biology work taken “too far” ’cause I gave it in a frame to the teacher. She liked it lol so, kudos to me. If any of you guys(anyone) want to refer this sample, feel free!




Annotated Bibliography Practice on High Skewel – “Attractiveness” Essay!

Ever made a wrong reference? I did. We need to be critical when searching for the right evidence especially I got the chance to practice on high school. I did very terrible but here is my sample that you must not follow!

Attraction refers to a quality that causes an interest or desire in something or someone. Is it just physical or are there more aspects to be considered that influences attraction. Preference in Human Mate Selection has been a topic of extensive and systematic study by psychologists (Mcgee and Shevlin). Some people think that appearance accurately predicts moral virtue (Regan). However, researchers are yet to unravel a more concrete and grounded breakthrough to prove the influences of Attraction.

According to Kohl, Atzmueller, Fink B, Grammer K, Pheremones play a part regarding to attraction. Their research proved; it showed that perceived the males were more attractive than the females that were exposed to pheromones. This was shown when they [30] asked males and females to rate vignettes of a fictional target male and female using semantic differentials, and also to provide a self assessment of mood. The test materials had been sealed into plastic bags, which were either impregnated with androstenol, androstenone, a synthetic musk control, and a no-odour control. Females exposed to androstenone produced lower sexual attractiveness ratings of the target male, while males exposed to androstenol perceived the male targets to be more sexually attractive. If the researchers did not have enough participants, they could not have promising results. Pheromones have a part to attraction but it does not summate and was not persuasive enough to justify itself as a huge part of attraction.

Most people think that smiling does not influence attraction. But, according to Nicolas Gueguen, Smiling can enhance attractiveness. His research proved to be very promising; it showed that Men who were smiled at approached the woman and considered her more favourably. This was shown when asked a female confederate to go into an elevator where a man was present. It was found out that the distance between the participant and female confederate decreased when she smile while entering the elevator. They also found out that in a mate relevant context, women who were approached by men exhibited higher averages frequencies of nonverbal displays toward those men, such as smiling, tossing the head, caressing an object, or flinging back their hair. Therefore a woman smiling at a man enhances her attractiveness in courtship contexts.

Humor and blends with attraction very well on a research done by Elizabeth McGee and Mark Shelvin. Their research proved to be a breakthrough towards the “funny guy, no effect on women “ scenario. The authors used vignettes to predict that the targets who possessed a good sense of humor would receive significantly higher ratings in measures of attractiveness and suitability as a long-term partner than would those who possessed an average or no sense of humor. In an experimental design-with gender and humor as independent  and level of attractiveness and suitability as a long-term partner as dependent variables-the authors analyzed the data using a multivariate analysis of variance. Results show that the targets with a good sense of humor received significantly higher ratings of attractiveness and suitability than those with an average or no sense of humor. Furthermore, male participants rated female targets as significantly more attractive than female participants rated male targets and humor. In the end, the authors found no significant interaction between gender and humor.

According to Pamela Regan, physical appearance accurately predicts moral virtue and allocation of rewards. Take Cinderella for example. As we all know, good things eventually happened to Cinderella-she went to the ball, slide a glass slipper onto her dainty foot, married the prince, and lived happily ever after-meaning physical attractiveness is huge key. She also revealed that beautiful-is-good stereotype was alive and well- attractive stimulus person were also judged as significantly more poised, strong, warm, interesting, sociable, happy, enthusiastic, involved, friendly, energetic, excitable, socially skilled, flirtatious, bold, outgoing, sexually warm, kind, and intelligent than were unattractive stimulus persons. However, Steve Sailer says the people are attracted with preferred skin tones. He reports that 44 cultures favored lighter complexions on either only women (30) or on both sexes (14). In only 3 cultures was fair skin preferred on men only, and in just 4 cultures was darker skin desired. Lighter ladies were favored in many countries with little exposure to Western beauty standards, such as medieval Japan, Ethiopia, Aztec Mexico, and Moorish Spain, where the dominant culture was darker skinned than the conquered natives. He also discovered that the reason women were called “the fair sex” is because women are indeed fairer on average after puberty. Even though physical appearance and preference plays a part in attraction, Bates differs with Narcissism.  He use data from a list of addresses provided by a local doctor in the city of Mérida, Venezuela to test their hypothesis that people are strongly attracted to look-a-likes in physical and social appearance (“like attracts like”). They find the cumulative evidence presented here favors the hypothesis that humans search for couples based on “self seeks like”, using a narcissistic psychological algorithm in assessing the appropriate mate. Yet passive assortative mating could also explain our results. Passive assortative mating occurs when, due to population viscosity, reproduction occurs among spatially proximate individuals that are probably close or distant relatives. In the active sort, individuals choose their mates based on similar phenotypic traits, which reflect similar genes. In both cases the result is assortative mating or breeding among mates that possess similar genes.

Attractiveness is very broad and usually augmented due to different perspectives of people. There are no concrete and solid breakthroughs that could prove that there are specific aspects to be considered when it comes to attractiveness. All in all, Attractiveness remains a mystery and a desire fulfill a void that is missing in minds.

What is Hamlet? That’s a small piece of ham

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In know most of you had a Hamlet Final on English B30 and I decided to post this ’cause I hope people would see this someday and have an idea how to study on a very complicated Shakespearean Tragedy.


Have you been called weak? During the early modern age of England in which Hamlet was created by Shakespeare, Women did not have equal opportunities than men enjoy such as being educated and making decisions, and were……….

Supporting Evidence

Gender System of early modern England:  “Tri-factor” – Maid, Wife, and Widow.

Women were not allowed to be educated thus reducing their level of decision-making.

The men showed dominance throughout the play Hamlet.

  1. Gertrude
  1. Ophelia



“Frailty ,thy name is woman!” (Act 1 Sc 2 L 146)

“She married:-O most wicked speed,

to post with such dexterity and to incestuous sheets!” (Act 1 Sc 2 L 156-157)

“Stew’d in corruption, honeying and making love the nasty sty” (Act 3 Sc 4 L 95-96)

“No, my good lord; but, as you did command,

I did repel his letters and denied His access to me.”   (Act 2 Sc L 109-111)

“but they all withered when my father died.” (Act 2 Sc L 109-111)

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