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Thank You Mentors

Teachers are a vital part of society. However, Some of them are underrated, and underestimated by people due to the quality of education they have to offer which I despise very much. I think we should thank them and make them feel good every once in a while. Here are some letters that I sent to my teachers on June 20, 2011


Dear Ms. Simonson,

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to this institution. I enjoyed your class and fought valiantly to achieve my marks. At first I had my doubts of being successful on your Biology class due to the lower standards of education that was plaguing my country for decades. However, when I started to understand your expectations, I was like, nice. I can do this. I will become a teacher in the near future and I will pass on the values and lessons that I have learned from you. Thank you for everything.

P.S.  I should present on your class again with my Lion suit ‘cause I really had a lot of fun doing it.

Sincerely Yours

Edgar Allan Not Poe



Dear Mr. Armstrong,

Thank you for giving me a wider perspective of Canadian History, well I was not exactly one of your top students and history very challenging for me because I’m not from here and all I know about Canada is that Toronto is the capital and my grand uncle lives there. However, I did manage to pass the class. Oh, I almost forgot, you should give me a small chunk of your shrapnel for souvenir purposes. I personally think that you should hold your retirement for at least five more years. The Students need you. Thank you for everything.

Sincerely Yours

Edgar Allan Not Poe



Dear Mr. Rumpel,

Thank you for giving life to the Drama department once more. I’m pretty sure you were better than the person running this place hehehe. Don’t quote me on that. This year was definitely different. I know that you’re new here but, I think you finished your first year with a bang. Thank you for the drama skills that I have learned from you and I hope that I can pass that on to my future students in the near future.  vos es tenor ut micans! Thank you for everything.

Sincerely Yours

Edgar Allan Not Poe


Poetry Time # 3: The Moon

I had a special dream last night that did not give the strength to go to my Math 110 class which did not give me the opportunity to ask questions to my professor regarding the midterm on monday. In fact, it made me think of dropping it due to stress and the course load that I have at the moment. The dream was about me dating  the girl that I had almost completely forgotten due to the pain that she caused me. Obviously, I can’t message her to stop showing up in my nightmare, because that would  be insane and unethical for me to do that.  Instead, I redirected all of frustrations, pain, headaches, stress, problems to the Moon, a gigantic piece of debris that got attracted to earth’s gravitational pull, in which a made a poem about it. Enjoy

The Moon

Soundless, lifeless, and heartless
Consumed by darkness, a land of no caress.
Desolated with lies, devoured by Melancholy
Visited by observers, a vessel full of folly
Windless, depressing, clueless
Populated by craters, all faceless.
A place of overwhelming drought
A realm of unforgiving doubt
Beauty as it may from far away
A demented version of the milky way
Supressing day and offering night
The phenomena of eclipse, the dark light
The Moon, the parsimonious moon
The pretentious shade, a silent typhoon                         -Edgar Allan Not Poe
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