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Shadowing Someone Season Finale “The Final Reflection”



My Final Week at Vanier is to look back and reflect in this journey of interning. What really stood out? What experience was really memorable? I was also instructed to focus on the power of influence in the school. In this journey, there are two most powerful influences on Jean Vanier: Faith & Caring. Although most students lack the understanding, Vanier integrates Faith in the curriculum. Mandatory or not, Christian or not, Vanier integrates faith in everyday activities in cooking, arts and crafts, singing, storytelling. I know that its mandatory but, how Vanier does it; Integrates faith with TLC or Tender loving care makes it something very unique. I’m a Christian and being in Vanier, I see Altruistic actions and professionalism found on Biblical allegories, parables, and chapters. I was stunned that such a magnificent edifice is here on the city of the queen (Regina). Throughout my life I was searching for a place to belong. A cartoon character named Jiraiya once said; “They say wherever someone is still thinking of you, that place is your home”. Why did I mention this statement? I mentioned it because this is what Vanier is it’s not just an institution to teach disabled, it is a home open for everyone who seeks one. There were a lot of memorable events such as screaming and feeding a disabled kid and see’s her happy with her every bite ‘because she can’t hold it on her own is something that really touched my heart. I want to help them and if possible, cure of them of their abnormality that’s plaguing the world as we know it. If only there was a cure……. Seeing these students in Vanier made me realize that I need to be more aware of my surroundings and the people around me. There are a lot of disabilities that hinders our current society from evolving to the next stage of improvement. Some of the disabilities are present in the students of Vanier such as down syndrome, muteness, autism, mental diseases, and retardation. But what does Vanier do that has an impact with these students? CARING. I was surprise to see people actually concern about their students. Quite frankly, a lot of teachers don’t even care if their students pass or fail. Some of them wanted a quick escape from hard labour and went to education and pretentiously teach. It makes my bile go inside-out when I see such people who choose the “easy way” and not fulfill their duties and responsibilities.  Being in Vanier was a complete breath of fresh air. I am truly devastated on how society treats people with disabilities, and how there is such a huge inequality in this planet. I only live once. With all the knowledge that I have so far and having 20 years worth of experience as a human being, I will do my best to end at least one world problem whether its global illiteracy, hunger, poverty, or even “the ignorance of people” that’s preventing us to be unified. If these are even possible of achieving, I will do my best to achieve them.


Shadowing Someone Episode 5 “Inclusion”

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My Fifth Week in Jean Vanier was to focus on Inclusion. What is inclusion? Inclusion is a term used by people with disabilities and other disability rights advocates for the idea that all people should freely, openly and without pity accommodate any person with a disability without restrictions or limitations of any kind. Although disability rights have historically existed as a relatively cohesive movement, the movement centered on inclusion has only recently begun to take shape and to position itself in the eye of the general public. This is one of the strengths of Vanier. Technically, Vanier shares a building with another school named St. Augustine. In addition, at least once a week students in St. Augustine go to Jean Vanier to read books to children and tell them what they learned. I think Vanier believes Inclusion their top priority. Vanier is an alternative school for children with disabilities. Although they don’t admit students with no disabilities, Vanier serves to “protect” students from people who lack proper understanding of their current conditions. They believe that everyone has the right to be educated and be accepted in society. This is why schools like Vanier are established to “protect” the disabled from exclusions of today’s modern society. Based on my observations, Vanier teaches students differently compared to regular high school. Why? It is because most of Vanier’s students are not cognitively able to do so. Is it a problem? It is but, why put students in a situation they could not possibly handle? What Vanier really aims is to give the students the hope of surviving. I was sad to hear that people with disabilities do not live very long, and a day before I came to Vanier for internship, someone actually passed away. Vanier installs that sensibility of hope to its students as early as possible to ensure that stay in “mental” shape despite their disabilities. A few weeks ago in ECS 100, we were talking about eugenics or the “pseudo-science” as my Dr. Douad told us. It’s about gene selection and splicing DNA. It sounds like a good idea but, what about the people with disabilities? Do we alter theirs so that we won’t see people running around and parading while they’re wearing AFO’s or in wheel-chairs. I think it’s unfair. Now that I have seen this perspective, I think inclusion should be implanted at all times because who are we to exclude people of the right to live and co-exist?

English 100 Essay Sample An essay about “Anorexia: the cheating disorder”

Edgar Allan Dela Cruz

English 100

Professor Wilson

September 29, 2011

Plagiarism in Mr. Richard Murphy’s “Anorexia: The Cheating Disorder”

               Should the reader agree or disagree on Mr. Richard Murphy’s points in essay, “Anorexia: The Cheating Disorder”? Most of the readers would disagree due to the fact that not everyone is cheating. However, his “slanderous suspicion that all students are cheating” (College English 900) is proven wrong when he realizes in one of his student’s journals in which he misread the essay the his student submitted, accused her of plagiarism and gave her a zero, who in fact was just in denial of her eating disorder and did not want to tell the truth. This essay would show two stories regarding Mr. Richard Murphy’s experiences with plagiarism and makes points about it. I personally agree to Mr. Richard Murphy’s points due to the fact that everybody makes mistakes and nobody is perfect.

Plagiarism, in my own words, is taking someone’s work with authorization and claiming it as if it was your own. Plagiarism is considered a crime under the any University’s jurisdiction which can lead to suspension or even expulsion.

Mr. Richard Murphy’s first story is about a student who submitted a brief analysis about James Joyce’s “The Dead” (College English 898). He found out that the student had copied James Joyce’s work and tried to erase the evidence by tearing some pages in book (College English 900). Mr. Richard Murphy’s makes a point in this story that “he had lost some of his faith in them” due to this student’s distortion of their working relationship” (College English 900). The story ends of him confessing that he plagiarized and he got suspension from the university.

Mr. Richard Murphy said that “Plagiarism irritates, like a thin wood splinter in the edge of one’s thumb” (College English 899) – meaning, it irritates him due to the fact that he has a very busy life.

Mr. Richard Murphy’s last story is about a student who submitted an essay about her own experiences with Anorexia Nervosa (College English 898). Mr. Richard Murphy has accused her of plagiarism due the inconsistency of her essay (College English 901). The student was so intimidated by her teacher that she answered “It’s not about me. It’s about a friend of mine. Mr. Richard Murphy gave her a zero. He came upon her journals entries and it “astonished and appalled him”. In the end, Mr. Richard Murphy asked her student if the essay was about her and replies “No”.

The purpose of the two stories is to convey the theme of essay which in my opinion is Denial. The two stories reveal three denials. First, is the student who copied from another person’s work and denies the truth by tearing up pages from the book (College English 899-900). Second, is the student denying that her essay was about her own experience about anorexia and denies the truth by claiming that it was her friend’s experience (College English 901-903)., and finally, Mr. Richard Murphy, misreading the essay and accused his student of plagiarism without sufficient evidence. He denies the truth by intimidating his student to tell the truth (College English 901-903).

Plagiarism is a crime under university standards and anyone found guilty deserves to be dealt accordingly. I strongly agree to Mr. Richard Murphy’s “slanderous suspicion that all students are cheating” (College English 900). Why you ask? because everybody makes mistakes. Even the author, Mr. Richard Murphy made mistakes. All in all, we are not perfect.

Work Cited

Murphy, Richard. “Anorexia: Cheating Disorder.”College English. 52.8 ( Dec 1990): 898-903. Print. <;.

My Nomination Speech – “Michael Jackson”

This is one of speeches in high school where I had to nominate someone worth of recognition. This is another sharing portion where I share and give ideas and serve as an example to get someone started.



Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen! Today it is my honor to nominate Michael Jackson, an American recording artist, dancer, singer-songwriter, musician and philanthropist, Referred to as the King of Pop, He is one of the most successful entertainer of all timeto received the Person of the Millennium award.. I nominated him because he exemplifies traits that are simply admirable and marvelous. These traits are mainly his Persistence, Innovative qualities, Versatility, and being the Epitome of Pop music itself.


First, His Persistence. Through complex dance routines, special effects and famous cameo appearances, Michael Jackson changed music videos into an art form and promotional tool; simultaneously breaking down racial barriers.

Michael Jackson struggled to receive coverage on MTV because he was African American. Pressure from CBS Records persuaded MTV to start showing “Billie Jean” and later “Beat It”, leading to a lengthy partnership with Jackson, also helping other black music artists gain recognition.


Second, His Innovative qualities. The choreography in “Thriller” has become a part of global pop culture, replicated everywhere from Bollywood to prisons in the Philippines.

For “Smooth Criminal”, Jackson experimented with an innovative “anti-gravity lean” in his performances, for which he was granted a US Patent. Jackson also popularized a number of dance techniques, such as the robot and the moonwalk.


Third, His Versatility, Jackson’s versatility allowed him to experiment with various themes and genres. As a musician, he ranged from Motown’s dance fare and ballads to techno-edged new jack swing to work that incorporates both funk rhythms and hard rock guitar.

Unlike many artists, Michael Jackson did not write his songs on paper. Instead he would dictate into a sound recorder; when recording he would sing from memory.

In the mid-1970s, the singer adopted a “vocal hiccup”, the purpose of the hiccup—somewhat like a gulping for air or gasping—was to help promote a certain emotion, be it excitement, sadness or fear.


Finally, being the Epitome of Pop music. Throughout his Career, Michael Jackson transformed the art of the music video and paved way for modern pop music. For much of his career, his musical contributions, which include: “Heal the World”, “Man in the Mirror”, “Cry”, “We Are the World”, “The Lost Children”, “Earth Song”, and “Beat It”, gave him an “unparalleled” level of influence over the younger generation. Jackson’s work continues to influence numerous hip hop, rock, pop and R&B artists, including Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Usher, Green Day, Britney Spears, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, and Ludacris, among others.


Michael Jackson!

A 30 minute Presentation on January 13, 2011 – “The whole thang in paper”

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Whenever I write presentations, I always never look at the clock and care, so I decided to post this because This essay gave me a strong example that prepared me for my Biology project which I produced 135 slides which was 2o minutes worth. I guess I got to cut off a lot of minutes on the next one lol!

Do you play Video games? In this world two consoles battle for gaming supremacy mainly the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. In the next few minutes I will talk about the Pros and Cons about and tell which console is the best for you.

First off is designed. Both consoles are bringing their slim and slick stream designs. The Xbox 360 is slicker, slimmer, and improved in every way over the original Xbox 360. I like the glossy piano black finish and new and edgy style but you still have that sizable Ac adaptor. While the Ps3 slim is the slicker of the two and is more travel friendly but its matte plastic   finish takes away some of the “sexy” and its resembles a  George Forman grill and it feels more generic compared to the new Xbox slim. Sometimes, makeovers can really make a difference on which console you want to buy.

Second, is all about Features. The Standard Xbox 360 Slim holds a larger 250 GB hard drive and finally brings built in Wi-fi. You will get HDMI and Wireless controls but its Proprietary hard drive makes it a head-scratcher. No the main difference of this two consoles is blu-ray. The Ps3 slim had been rated one of CNET’s blu-ray players and it’s now a real advantage. Plus you have a user-replaceable hard drive. Its 160 Gb (standard Ps3) hard drive gives you a little less storage, it has built-in Wi-fi, HDMI, and has Bluetooth capability allows you to connect many third party accessories including almost any Bluetooth headset. Plus, the system is already 3D ready for movies and games through software updates.

Third, is Online Services . Microsoft’s Xbox Live is the Gold standard of online gaming. It’s going to cost you $50 dollars per/year but, its ease of use, the size of the community, and access to integrated service like Netflix, Last Fm, Facebook, Twitter, and more makes it a total package. Sony’s Playstation Network is absolutely free and you really have to give them credit for that but its not as nearly as developed, inviting friends to game is not very elegant. Playstation Plus is just a service for additional gaming content, but it has yet to add any online features that enhance the PSN.

Fourth, is Media Playback. The Xbox 360 can play mp3, it has an extensive media support for videos and you get access to twitter, and Facebook via Xbox Live. But, you can’t surf the web because it does not have a web browser. The most annoying feature in Xbox 360’s media playback is that its only capable of processing DVD-Format Dics in regards to games and videos. While the PS3 has mp3, an extensive media support, you can record videos via playstation eye, chat up to six people simultaneously via playstation eye, access the web with its own internet browser, and  ”Illegally” download video content online. And it has Blu-ray. What’s the difference between Blu-ray and dvd, simple. Blu-ray can carry more storage than Dvd. This is really cripples the Xbox 360 because the Ps3 has established the standard of High- Definition gaming.

Fifth is Multiplatform games.

Note:  Demo game is Gta 4 for both consoles

Sixth is all about Exclusives. Both consoles are packed with franchised titles which each side wishes they could have. The Xbox 360 can brag the bloody battlefields of Gears of War, The unlimited adventure that is Fable, and the world of Halo and master chief but its lost some of its momentum. The arguably boast a stronger and a more diverse exclusive library with their modern day Indiana Jones Uncharted Series, God of war’s epic story and scale, Little big planet’s creative community, Heavy Rain’s unique control system and so many more. When it comes to Downloadable games the Xbox Live Arcade has a much deeper and diverse library games from the past and it continuously release awesome exclusives like limbo. The Playstation Network isn’t on the same level with its downloadable game library but it can still hold its own. There are standouts like Fat princess and Flower but there just aren’t enough of them. You can play most of your old Xbox titles on the Xbox slim but, the backwards compatibility of the PS3 slim is nonexistent.

Note: Halo for Xbox 360 and Heavy Rain for the Ps3

Seventh is the Failures Number 3 failure of the ps3

Ps3                                                                Xbox 360

Online Communication                                                 Online Gaming Not Free

Game Installs                                                              Limitation of Dvd-Format

No Custom Music Tracks                                                 Red Ring of Death/Red Eye

Eight is all about Value. We love the fact that the Slim 360 stayed at the same price point, but it’s also the same price as the PS3, which offers a Blu-ray player. This additional feature is what it all comes down to, and the 360 doesn’t offer it. Plus, Xbox Live still costs $50 per year, and there are more accessories to buy for a 360 than a PS3.

After this dead-heated battle of impartial comparisons between two consoles, I just want to say that I love gaming. Whether you are with the Ps3 Fanboys or Xbox 360 Fanboys, it really does not matter because we are all gamers. I personally recommend getting both systems. Superior Online services for the Xbox 360 and Superior Media Performance of the PS3. But, after all this recommendations, there can be one console that is more superior and that is the Playstation 3. For the past year the PS3 has proven to it potential and the graphics have finally started to live up with the expectations like uncharted 2 and God of war 3. Ps3 the Ps3 also help Blu-ray disk as the sole High-definition disk media. Neither systems are perfect so, if you really plan on getting a console, get the one where your friends are at because you can’t really go wrong with any of them.

A Hybrid Essay – Reflective Essay

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Hey guys! I wrote this a long time ago and It’s not a very good essay and I was juts wondering if someone around the World wide web can proofread this essay for me. I’m not actually looking for marks ’cause it’s too late but, I need right now is feedback on how well am I doing in learning the English Language Arts.


As a Math Student in the Philippines, I have learned to appreciate the simple, yet

 intoxicating moment when my mind engages mathematical problems. As John Louis

Von Neumann says: “If people do not realize that mathematics is simple, it is only

 because they do not realize how complicated life is.” In my late years a high school

student in the Philippines, I wanted to know the “true” purpose of Mathematical

problems, however, I have now realized that this would void the whole mystery of


      I have always been a thinker, but throughout the course of the year, I have greatly

sharpened my skills in analyzing critically, Instead of focusing on the length and

difficulty of the math problems. I have learned to continuously ask “why” on many levels.

I challenge myself to dig deeply when studying for a math test as deeply as possible to

decipher the meanings of the problems. Also, by reading my multiple math books by the

same author, I have learned to indentify the different mathematical standards and make

connections and combine the elements together. When I look at one of my freshman

level test papers in math and see those low scores, I have realized that I did not actively

studied the book. I guess you could say that I have learned to study thoroughly, which

drastically taken my math skills to a new level because I am able to connect to my math

basics and manipulate them as if they were an extension of my hands.

     Mathematics had always been one of my strengths, but it was challenging to take

that initial step past my freshman high school years. Solving and calculating for answers

that constricted my ideas for so long. Moving part these procedures, however, has

greatly opened my mind. My thoughts are now able to process more complex

mathematical problems because I have learned to sustain my mathematical basics and

apply them to the problems in an organized manner. My mathematical skills has

become more concise and I no longer need to spend too much on problems.

Another improvement is my ability to identify the formulas in word problems in short

periods of time, instead of reading the whole problem ten times to decipher the

formulas. Furthermore, leaving how to solve basic math in short periods of time has

significantly widened my time frame of studying, which gave me more time to through

each problem again to correct minor mistakes. My mathematical ability is so much more

satisfying as it used to be.

     It is difficult to point out gaps in my knowledge as math student, only because I feel

like Learned so much. I feel that I have largely broadened my mathematical abilities, but

I need to be prepared to learn math on a Canadian high school which requires more

mathematical skills. I think it would be useful to go back to my basics and study the new

topics thoroughly by going back to my basics and reassessing my math skills. I will have

sturdy foundation in studying and learning math on Canadian Standards.

Learning Project Linker #6: Bashing Through Online….Again? Hours Spent 6 Hours

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These days have been very tough on me due the unending homework that I have been having lately. I was like, nope, I’m gonna play Assassin’s Creed and “chilloot” for a while hahaha. What I found out was playing 6 hours straight can actually give strains to your eyes, mind, and body. I’m a gamer and I was always use to be exposed to video games for long period but that was years ago. Why? because Video games have evolve from sparingly awful graphics to high definition 3d game play and the expectations are very very high especially from the hit games such as Call of Duty, God of War, and Final Fantasy. I’m finally putting the hardest challenges that happen to me during the duration of this learning project.

The difficulties that I have experience was my Internet connection. If you’re internet connection sucks, don’t even attempt to play this game online, because lag issues will emerge all over the place and ruin your gameplay. Also, it will disconnect very often due to the technical difficulties that are presents in the game.

Another difficulty, was group isolation. this means that you can’t switch teams once a team of four formed a group. they will own and kill you every time, They will stun you repeated and escape most of your chase sequences, and they will rack up the most point and make you lose.

Lastly, The Final difficulty that I had was the trash talking in the lobbies. I don’t personally talk shit on my the lobbies and games but I shout when I win and what I find humiliating is that a lot of people talk shit at you with your proper consent  and reason. I dislike people who do that and proclaim themselves as bona fide “professional” players when they’re not.

Well, I over did it 27 hours and still counting ’cause I still have to finish the campaign mode and rock at it due to the experience I earned from multiplayer mode but, until then, You just have to wait lol. Peace out! for now that is lol

Letter of Job Interest

I wrote this letter last year to learn about Restaurant Functionality. It was not really sent but, it was a part of a project in my Work Experience 30 class.


February 25, 2011


Matt Nicholson, Manager

Smitty’s Restaurant

105 North Service Road East

Swift Current, SK

S9H 3T4


Dear Mr. Nicholson,


I love to learn more on Restaurant functionality and would like to be considered for a part-time position as a Host at Smitty’s Restaurant that was advertised on the


I enjoy working with people and have had the opportunity to interact with many groups and individuals through my work at the local school Drama plays, Improv clubs, Special Events Committee, Meistersingers Choir, and Oratorio Choir. I am a very innovative person and enjoy coming up with new styles and approaches to the people around me. I have experience in the kitchen work because I used to work at Mcdonalds. I would be available to work after school, evenings and weekends.


I look forward to hearing from you to discuss my qualifications further.  I can be reached at 773-0142 anytime after 5:30 p.m. or in the evening.


Yours truly



Edgar Allan Dela Cruz

Apt 7-520

Robert Street East.

Swift Current, SK

S9H 2A7

Work Experience 30 – My Final Assessment


Work experience 30 is like the high school version of the Field Experience on the ECS 100 class. I was placed on O.M. Irwin, and it was a very life-changing experience.

My name is Edgar Allan Dela Cruz and this is my report on work experience. I was placed on O.M Irwin middle school. Irwin is a public school under the Chinook school division whose goal is to give quality education to its students. Furthermore, the school aims to improve standards of education that will have a substantial impact to its students. This is my Final Assessment.


I chose this placement because of three things. First, my inability to drive prevented from having multiple workplaces which was also a benefit for me in the sense that I am not required to travel such distances to reach my workplace. Second, the moment that I realized that I was handling twelve and thirteen year-olds, I did not hesitate of choosing Irwin as a workplace. After seeing the student’s situations (Different learning curves, Immaturity, and lack of discipline), I contemplated and realized that I went through the same situation, but nobody corrected me and taught me proper etiquette. Then, I said to myself, now that I have opportunity, I shall seize the moment to rectify the wrongs that has been tormenting my soul for all life. To inspire, to motivate, to rectify – three words that wanted to burst out of my heart when I chose Irwin as a workplace. Third, I chose Irwin because I wanted to be a teacher. A teacher is a person who provides schooling for pupils and students. The role of teacher is often formal and ongoing, carried out by way of occupation or profession at a school or other place of formal education. However, I wanted to be teacher because I want to pass on the legacy of my former mentors to my future students. I want to tear down every barrier that hinders a student from learning. I believe that every student deserves the best that their respective teachers can offer. Also, I was fortunate enough to get a hold of the best teachers in the province right here in Swift Current, and my goal is reimburse my future students with all the wisdom and knowledge that I inherited from these magnificent edifices that is teachers that continuously respect and honor.


Irwin did not only meet my expectations, it’s exceeded them. Due to the rotation of classes every day, it gave a variety of activities and responsibilities that made my work experience such a memorable event in my life. I had different task everyday which ranges from tutoring math, to teaching individuals drama skills. Every day was a challenge that needs to be overcome, and I fought valiantly day by day to succeed and prevail. My expectations were excruciatingly high, but what I achieved was something more than I could have expected: Bonds! Bonds of everyone in Irwin including myself that will be treasured in the deepest fathoms of my soul for all eternity.


Throughout the duration of this course, I have learned a lot of skills from my Work Experience teacher, Mr. Biem. Mr. Biem has taught me the fundamentals and proper etiquette of being a teacher. His lessons ranged from Professionalism to Confidentiality. Furthermore, as I was learning under him, I learned that he has his own style of teaching and a different style of implanting discipline to his classes. I think that I am willing to take a different direction from what I have observed. That was also something that I learned, “Take another route”.


The program has helped me significantly. It gave me an idea of my career choice of being a teacher. Furthermore, it showed me a new perspective in life or should I rephrase as “You’re not in school anymore”. This program has led to my final decision of being a teacher in the near future. I will do my best to deliver “Whatever it takes”.

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