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Tech Task# 7 – Educational Gaming

“Find and play an educational game. Write a short review on it. Consider Sylvia’s perspectives and your own as your write.”

Well I’m gamer and I love Math as well so I choose a very interesting game that suits my skills and gives me a challenges at the same time.

This game is called Baloon Invaders, a game that challenges your mathematical ability and at the same time challenges your finger dexterity.

In this game you play a person whose mission is to save the world from balloons with numbers on it? too serious? yeah that’s not it lol.

This game’s main purpose is to train you on memorizing either multiplication or division. But wait, there is a catch. this is where the core gameplay pops in.

you are given a a multiplication or a division question and you need to pop the balloon that corresponds to the question. pretty easy right? Here’s a bigger catch.

The balloons move sideways until they fall to you, so if you pop the wrong balloon, you lose a chance to get the question that the balloon has. furthermore hit 2 balloons and the game ends.

This game not only challenges your mathematical ability but you finger dexterity as well. This game actually reminds me of Galaga

This game is good practising multiplication and division but noticed that there technical issues and bugs that I noticed while playing it. However, this game can  also prove to be very useful when you’re training to think faster and give your fingers more dexterity for writing on your pc.

I am giving it an 9/10 because this game its not for the likes of everyone but if you want you’re a math person like me or just want something different for change, then this game is definitely for you.

Learning Project Linker #2: The Multiplayer mode – Hours Spent: 3hrs

After playing another three hours of this video game, I have reached level 14 as a gamer in this game.

I gained these abilities that helped me in battles.

AC Brotherhood icon Streak Bonus 300.png Streak Bonus +300

  • Level acquired: 13
  • Streak type: Kill streak

This bonus is applied once you have killed three targets silently (you will see the Silent score). The bonus adds an additional 300 points to each successive silent kill until you lose a contract or kill a target without the Silent bonus.

AC Brotherhood icon Morph.png Morph

  • Level acquired: 14
  • Duration: Permanent
  • Cooldown time: 60 seconds

The Morph ability changes all characters within a 3.2 radius of you into your character’s skin. Try to find a group to use this one to increase the probability that your pursuer will pick the wrong target. You can also use this ability to counter your target’s Morph ability or Blender perk. When you use it on a group that has been morphed/blendered already, all the NPCs will change to your skin, revealing your target. Combined with Disguise, you can walk slightly away from your morphed group so your pursuer’s compass is still full, and he’ll likely kill someone in the group or at least smoke or charge the group, instead of you.

Some people have asked me about my struggles in the game and this is I respond to it. This is a sample video of a Wanted match:

If you’re playing Wanted, you are given an assassination contract or to kill your target while being targeted by other people simultaneously.  I find it difficult to get a kill during the first 7 hours of my game because most of the players are level 50, the highest level that you can get game-meaning that they have every skill,perk, and bonuses. Also, whenever I try to land on a kill, I always die in the hands of the enemy via stab or the infamous Poison. Most enemies in the game have this skill and with said skill they rack the most points.

AC Brotherhood icon Poison.png Poison

  • Level acquired: 29
  • Duration: 5 seconds
  • Cooldown time: 90 seconds

This ability lets you poison your target for a delayed kill and a 100–300 point bonus, depending on which version you use. It’s dangerous to use this ability, because it takes five seconds to kill your target, and if another pursuer takes them out before the poison gets them, you only get 50 points. You must also be much closer to your target than for a normal assassination, so it is riskier. However, the rewards are worth it, especially with Long Lasting Poison that gives you the most points. Combined with Rapid Reload Disguise, this combination can add 500 points to you kill, and is the ability set that will gain you the most points in Wanted. Another good pairing is with Smoke Bomb, which you can use offensively to let you safely get in and deliver the poison.

In this game, the person who gets the most kills does not get the most points. In fact, going out in the open and killing everyone will make you vulnerable to attack and does not give you a lot of point per kill. The person with the most effective kills always win. I struggled a lot in playing the game. This game has almost three hundred Non-playable characters on the map and most  some of them look like you, the character you have chosen. here is a list of characters:

BarberWall.png BlacksmithWall.png CaptainWall.png CourtesanWall.png
Barber Blacksmith Captain Courtesan
DamaRossaWall.png DoctorWall.png EngineerWall.png ExecutionerWall.png
Dama Rossa Doctor Engineer Executioner
FootpadWall.png HarlequinWall.png HellequinWall.png KnightWall.png
Footpad Harlequin Hellequin Knight
MarquisWall.png MercenaryWall.png NobleWall.png OfficerWall.png
Marquis Mercenary Noble Officer
PariahWall.png PriestWall.png ProwlerWall.png SmugglerWall.png
Pariah Priest Prowler Smuggler

Basically, you play as one these characters and try to kill your target. the best strategy is to “blend” in with characters that look like you to confuse your enemy. that way you can escape your pursuer or stun them by pressing O. If you stun your pursue, he/she will lose their contract on you and will change into another person. Wanted is a game where its “free for all” and 8 of you guys battle it out in ten minutes. This game is all about Stealth. It is like being a thief or being a gun for hire assassin.

Well, I usually succeed on killing players that new to the game or “noobs” that do not know what they’re doing and do not even care about the consequences. killing them is easy and gives you more time to hide and survive from the professional gamers.

This games offers a lot of learning curves and it takes practice, finger dexterity, and dedication. It’s hard but it is very rewarding.

Sources for infos and graphs:’s_Creed:_Brotherhood/Abilities,_perks,_bonuses

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